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screen printing, retail, or contract Westover Graphics 63301


  Screen printing is the most popular and versatile method used for decorating garments. It is a process that uses stencils to transfer specialized ink to a garment. This ink must then be heat set or "cured". This makes for a vibrant and long lasting print. there are many specialty inks and techniques that allow for extremely eye catching designs with a wide variety of "looks".

   This is the perfect process for jobs that require larger quantities such as concerts, races,  school events, or big corporate promotional campaigns but it works just as well to get a couple dozen shirts to celebrate a graduation, family reunion, or to get uniforms for a team.   

custom embroidered uniform Westover Graphics 63301


   Embroidery is a process where a design is "digitized" or converted into a digital format that can be read and stitched out with specialized thread by a commercial embroidery machine. 

   Embroidery is instantly recognizable and perfect when you need a decidedly "high end" look. It's great for uniforms of all kinds, from office polos to mechanics work shirts. Also an excellent choice for decorating hats. 

promotional products Westover Graphics


    Ad Specialties is a catch all term that encompasses a huge variety of products and processes. Fundamentally it is a term used whenever an item is embellished with your logo, image, or message. Most commonly it is used to refer to promotional products used for advertising and marketing.  This can include banners, and business cards to keychains, and pens with your company logo. It's also used in reference to souvenirs, personalized gifts, or unique items for retail. This huge variety of items can range from simple giveaway items to unique executive gifts

Ready to get started?


Give us a call, send us an email, or drop in to see us and we will get things going. We can talk about your project, answer any questions, give you a quote, and get you on the schedule.


In most cases we will provide an electronic proof for you to approve so you know we have everything just how you want it..... and that's it!

We will complete your order and then let you know when you can pick it up or, if you'd prefer, we can ship it via any major delivery service (USPS, FedEx, UPS) or have it sent directly to you by a local courier!  

Have more Questions?


Our best customer is an informed customer. We want you to understand what we offer and how things are done so we can help you get exactly what you want. Have questions not answered here? Just come visit us, give us a call, or email us and we will be happy to help. 



We can work with most digital file types and of course "real" paper art. Our art department can make sure you end up with a great end product regardless of your starting point. If you have any questions just contact us and we will do our best to make the process painless. 

SCREEN PRINTING The best file types are VECTOR files made with programs such as Adobe Illustrator or other graphics programs. If you have someone helping you with your art have them contact Gary directly and he can help make sure things get started on the right foot. 


EMBROIDERY and AD SPECIALTY Vector graphic files work for most applications. If you don't have vector art then you'll want to give us the clearest HIGH RESOLUTION image you can (300dpi or higher works best). If you don't know what that means or don't have that available..... no problem, plenty of great

designs have started scribbled on notebook paper or a crumpled napkin.   

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